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Hi everyone, welcome to the Ontario Beer Hunter. We’ve expanded from Toronto to include the rest of the province. If you notice a missing store, a misplaced icon or know of any independent breweries or wineries that we’ve forgotten please send them in! We’ll be more than happy to add them to the mix. Enter any Ontario city with at least one retail outlet in the url or the entry box, or you can browse by region with the drop down box. Semi-transparent icons indicate stores that are closed.

LCBOThe Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is a Crown corporation established in 1927 to sell liquor, wine, and beer in Ontario through a chain of retail stores. An old monopoly from the paternalistic days of yore, they almost universally close too early and on all stat holidays. Fortunately, most locations have an excellent selection of foreign and domestic libations.

Beer StoreBrewers Retail Inc., founded in 1927, is a privately owned chain of retail outlets in Ontario, Canada operating as "The Beer Store". In fact, it is owned by a consortium of the Labatt arm of InBev of Belgium, Molson-Coors of Canada and the US, as well as Sleeman Breweries of Guelph, Ontario. It’s a cartel with poor hours but a very large selection of (mainly domestic) beer covering the gamut from "distinctive" to "swill".

Wine RackWine Rack is the largest independent retailer of wine in Ontario. It sells exclusively Ontario wines and soft liquor products like hard cider and wine coolers. (Also known in some circles as "the Shmeckie", as in, "I'm going down the street to buy some screw-cap fortified wine from the Shmeckie.")

Vineyards EstateVineyards Estate is another large wine retailer in Ontario. Currently we only list locations and hours for the Toronto region, but if you have one near you and know its hours, please shoot us an email so that we can add them to the map.

Indy breweriesThe red indy icon represents the independent micro-breweries who run retail outlets at their brewery locations. Right now, it’s limited to Amsterdam, Steam Whistle, Mill St., and The Granite Brewery in Toronto, Trafalgar Brewery, in Oakville, Lakeport in Hamilton, Creemore Springs in Creemore, Brick and Gold Crown in Waterloo, Taps Brewing in Virgil, King Brewery in Nobleton, Church Key Brewing in Pethericks Corners, Heritage Brewing in Carleton Place, Walkerville Brewery in Windsor, Neustadt Springs in Neustadt, Robert Simpson in Barrie, Niagara’s Best in St. Catharines, Steelback in Tiverton, Northern Breweries, with locations in both Sudbury and The Soo, Old Credit Brewing, in Mississauga and Sleeman Brewery in Guelph. We suspect that we’re still missing lots of these so if you know of any send them in!

Indy wine retailersIndependent wine retailers are often found in grocery stores. They are Ontario wine makers. Because they’re a diverse group and we don’t know the names of all the stores, they’re poorly represented on the map. Please feel free to

Many of the larger centres in Ontario are also serviced by The Beer Guy. These folks will deliver beer right to your door from orders placed online! Their hours are Monday - Thursday 10:00am to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday 10:00am to 9:30pm and Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

*No, not that beer hunter.

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